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DodgeballEB FAQ

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How much does it cost and what does my money go towards?

$55.00 a person. The money goes towards many things - T-shirts, gym/field rentals, insurance, equipment, referees/umps, occasionally some booze at the bar, taxes, etc. The list goes on.

How do I register?

Click "sign up" on the top corner of the page. It will take you to a form, simply fill it out.

How do I sign up a team?

Once you have registered, simply log into the site, from there you will see some links. Click "Create a Team/Group". This will take you to a form. Fill it out. Make note of your team name and the password you create for the team (this info will also come to you in a confirm email). You will need to give this info to pass onto your friends so they can sign up for your team.

How many people do I need for a team?

Teams are usually around 12-14 people. You put 8 people on the court for the start of each game (at least 3 girls). Games go until everyone on the team gets out or 5 minutes is up and you play as many games as possible in the hour allotted. At the start of each game you can make substitutions. I definitely think every team is going to want to have a lot of subs on their team for a few reasons. For one, there's no way everyone will be able to come every week. People have busy schedules. Secondly, playing Dodgeball for an hour will no doubt be exhausting and I bet people will want to get a break. Lastly, each team will hopefully have a few extra people there each week to help with retrieving stray balls when they are sitting out games. Balls are going to fly off the court, there's no way around that.

What if I don't think I can fill a whole team?

Sign a team up anyway. I don't care if you end up with a team of 2 people. I'll just combine your team with another one and you'll instantly have a bunch of new friends.

How do I join my friend's team?

Find out the team name and password. Once you've registered on the site, just simply login and then three links will appear. Click on "Join a Team/Group". On the next page select the team you are signing up for. On the page after that put in the password. At that point you will officially be registered for the team.

Can I sign up as an individual?

Yep, once you've registered, log into the site. Three links will appear, click on "Sign up as an individual". That will take you to a page where you just click a button and you will be signed up. Once registration is closed down I'll put you onto a team that could use an extra person.

Where are the games?

NorCal Courts in Martinez

When are the games played?

Games will be Wednesday nights starting July 10th at either 7, 8, or 9.

Are their playoffs?

There will be playoffs the last week of the season. Every team makes it and there will be a March Madness style bracket.

What happens after the games?

Everyone heads to the bar. Teams match up with each other and play flip cup, or just hang out and eat and drink. Whatever you feel like. I'll organize a Flip Cup Tournament in the middle of the season that people usually get pumped for.

Do we referee/ump ourselves?

No, referees/umps, will be provided for every game.

What are the rules?

Click here to check them out
The schedule will be made available once registration closes.

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